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January – Beef Bhuna, Bengali Style

January’s dish of the month features the recipe for a rich, winter-warming Beef Bhuna.  Bhuna is a term you commonly find on restaurant menus. It refers to cooking meat with spices with little or no water added. This requires constant stirring to prevent the spices sticking to the bottom of the pan but the resulting Read More

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The Cinnamon Club is open once again

With The Cinnamon Club nearing it’s 15th anniversary, 7 weeks ago it closed its doors to the public for a refurbishment, refresh and revamp. On September 10th 2015, the doors were open once again to reveal a The Cinnamon Club in its next chapter. The decor remains elegant and charming, with new touches of colour, Read More

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Cinnamon Parlour is back at Cinnamon Kitchen!

Who would have thought that the indulgent American ice-cream sandwich would make its way to the City of London? The Cinnamon Parlour is back this summer, in our city restaurant Cinnamon Kitchen & Anise – as well as the spice cream sandwiches, come and try one of the Shaken Cocktails, or how about an Ice Read More

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Vivek Singh is one of the most successful and respected modern Indian chefs in the country, with four renowned London restaurants to his name – the authentic dining experience of The Cinnamon Club, the City’s Cinnamon Kitchen, Cinnamon Soho and mostly recently Covent Garden’s Cinnamon Bazaar. His refined approach to Indian cuisine changed the perception of Indian food in Read More

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May: Asparagus in kadhai spices with curried yoghurt

Often people point to us that Asparagus isn’t exactly Indian, so why we use it on the menu… I point out that strictly speaking even tomatoes and chillies aren’t exactly Indian but can we imagin our cooking without these two main-stays? That aside, I love them and our guests love them, so what more can Read More

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Tivoli Victoria

Vivek will be doing a week long pop-up event beginning on 7th July at the beautiful 5 star Tivoli Victoria.  Come join for a weeks long feast in beautiful Villamoura!

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Masterclass dates

Masterclasses- Saturday 9th August Introduction to modern Indian cuisine with Hari Nagaraj – LIMITED SPACES Saturday 20th September South Indian cuisine with Raju Ramachandran – LIMITED SPACES Saturday 18th October Game with Vivek Singh- LIMITED SPACES Saturday 15th November Indian inspired festive party food with Hari Nagaraj New! Mini master classes 2014 Our new mini Read More

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