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March 2014: Mussels ‘moily’ soup

Everyone loves a Moily. Whilst most Indian dishes pride themselves on using scores of ingredients and combination of spices, the beautiful ‘moily’ from Kerala uses merely 6 ingredients, salt and whatever you may choose to cook in it. Even after 20 years of cooking, there has not been one instance when people haven’t been wowed Read More

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February 2014. Green Spiced Pheasant with Kedgeree

You can do this dish with turkey or even duck if you like Serves 4 For the Pheasant: 4 pheasant breasts boned and skinned 1 ½ tsp – salt 1 tsp – ginger paste 1 tsp – garlic paste Marinade ½ inch piece –ginger finely chopped 4-6 Green chillies, finely chopped 1 small bunch – Read More