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Introducing Cinnamon Bazaar

First there was The Cinnamon Club, then came Cinnamon Kitchen & Anise, followed by Cinnamon Soho.

Friends, I would like to announce a new member of The Cinnamon Collection; Cinnamon Bazaar

Introducing Cinnamon Bazaar, Covent Garden

I am delighted to announce the arrival of Cinnamon Bazaar – an all-day dining concept that mixes real Indian heritage with urban London… We want our guests to feel it’s a place they can come and relax at any time of the day whether eating, drinking or just meeting up with friends for a chat over a chai.

What is Bazaar?

Bazaars dotted all over the spice route and before that, silk route and frankincense route have long been places where trade happened, exchange of goods, ideas, and influences took place, and still happens.

In an era long before social media, this was the place people from different parts of the world, different religions, castes, colours and creed, met, socialised, engaged, and entertained.

Long before even the seed of the idea of democracy was planted, Bazaars have been democratic, open and welcoming places where there was always something for everyone. Time of the day, week or month of the year didn’t matter, if someone needed or wanted something, Bazaar was the place they would find someone selling it. Bazaar was a place to buy, to sell, to exchange, to explore, to learn, to share, to entertain and be entertained.

The colours, sounds, smells, bustle and energy of these Bazaars that have for centuries been changing our tastes inspire Cinnamon Bazaar, by exposing us to new tastes, new things, and new ideas all the time.

The Menu

Our food and drink will draw inspiration from ingredients and dishes that were popular in these bazaars on the various routes over the centuries, and sometimes our own interpretation of those dishes. A journey through the menu will endeavour to showcase how blurred the lines of authenticity and regionality can be, and how ‘global’ or ‘cross-cultural’ or ‘fusion-cooking’ isn’t something that only happens now; it’s happened for centuries. The menu itself hopes to be both a journey and an exploration, both discovery and re-discovery.

Our chicken haleem will connect India to Iran, Kabuli kefta with tomato makhani sauce; Afghanistan to Punjab, millet, date tamarind & pomegranate salad will show our common links to the Middle East. Our Lahori chicken kadhai with root vegetables will connect Old Delhi to new Lahore. And our chaats will tell the story of the Khari Baoli spice traders that have been trading uninterrupted since 1551.

Opening November 2016

From late November 2016, I look forward to welcoming you to experience the essence of Cinnamon Bazaar in the heart of London’s Covent Garden.

See the story of Cinnamon Bazaar unravel here, and watch this space!