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Happy 15th Anniversary to The Cinnamon Club!

The Cinnamon Club Celebrates 15 Years

We are delighted to be celebrating The Cinnamon Club’s 15th birthday this March. Much has changed over the past 15 years; the restaurant industry, and in particular the London dining scene has evolved, what seemed adventurous at the time is now common. Alongside this, the energy, creativity and willingness to push boundaries in the industry has developed throughout the years.

What hasn’t changed? We are still having fun! And even in 15 years, the peoples’ love for Indian food and spice has not gone away.

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The Cinnamon Club and its success over the last 15 years is a great example of what is possible when one is prepared to move away from the reasons for not doing things, and is willing to embrace change, and venture into the unknown. The possibilities are endless..

It has been an amazing journey. Relive how The Cinnamon Club came to be, amongst many other videos of our journey here.

We’re marking the occasion with a series of exclusive events; a limited edition tasting menu; premium specially-designed cocktails; one-off chef collaborations and a brand new range of specialist products! For more information about what’s happening at The Cinnamon Club during its birthday month and the celebrations to come during the year, click here!